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Are you starting or scaling up your business?

If you are starting a new business or scaling up, your goal as a business owner is the profit. Sourcing products from China and other low-cost regions is the most efficient way.   


Your options:

  1. Try to find yourself a reliable supplier or established manufacturer in another country, cultural gap, is a needle in a haystack, often miscommunication, wasting time with misalignment- who said what -  and uncertain background, and not traders, middlemen or fly-by-night operators OR,

  2. You can delegate this task to a reputable company with years of experience and boots on the ground both in China and in the US, FL, while you focus on what you are good: your business.

Fast. Affordable. Convenient.

We will help you source every niche category directly with the manufacturer.

We'll research the best manufacturers around the globe for you, depending on your own unique business requirements.
Whether it is consistency, reliability, price, or engineering capability that you are after - there isn't a product out there that we can't save you money on.

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